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Simple Tips to Harness Positive Energy in your Homes

Your home is the centre of your world. It is where you and loved ones live. it is where you can comback after a long day of work and spend time and relax with your loved ones. It is where you find your energy. It is the place that centers you and helps you find balance. It is the reflection of resid...

Jan 01, 1970, by Admin

Innovative Hacks and Tips to Revamp and Redesign Your Balcon...

Just like any other space in your home where you spend a lot of time and energy in choosing the best look and design in terms of the interiors. Just like any other area in your home, the balcony too is a place that holds a special place in your living space. A balcony helps you to connect with the o...

May 18, 2019, by Admin

Latest Trends in Interior Design

The field of interior design is changing faster than ever before.  As a result home owners who are seeking to renovate or design their existing or new homes are faced with a dilemma. It is the dilemma of having to choose between the latest trends in interior design or to stick to their personal...

May 11, 2019, by Admin

Give Your Kitchen a Modern Look with Modular Kitchens:

The modular kitchen has revolutionized the way kitchens are designed around the world. Increasingly interior designers prescribe to the thought of having open living plans where the living spaces merge seamlessly with the kitchen and dining areas. The kitchen area is a space that a lot of care and a...

Apr 26, 2019, by Admin

Taking the Right Decision – Hire a Professional Interior D...

There is often a question that home owners face when designing the interiors of their newly built homes. It is the question of deciding whether to hire an interior designer to work on your space or to go about the task by oneself. Hiring the services of a professional interior designer has many adva...

Apr 24, 2019, by Admin

Simple Hacks to Give Your Home Interiors a New Lease of Life...

The interiors of your home should make you feel comfortable and cozy. It should make you want to come back home eagerly every time you go out. People tend to overdo the interiors of their homes by lavishing large amounts of money on designs that are non customized and standard.  What they negle...

Apr 11, 2019, by Admin

Space planning: A basic idea

What is space planning?
As the name suggests, it is just the intelligent planning of the available space after a detailed analysis. It
is the fundamental element in the interior design process.

The process:
. Detailed analysis of ...

Apr 03, 2019, by Admin

5 Useful tips to design a luxury bedroom

The bedroom is probably the most personal space in a home where your personal choices and tastes
override the trends. Bedrooms are refreshing corners that liberated you from the tensions of a daily
routine and recharge yourselves for the next day. Customization works at its peak for be...

Mar 13, 2019, by Admin

Some simple tips to get a brand new bedroom

Bedrooms are the refreshing corners in your living space. Eventhough it lacks the primary attraction of a guest, it has to be designed and maintained at its best as you escape to relax there at the end of the day! More than that the family bonding gets strengthened with the warm cuddles and bedroom ...

Mar 08, 2019, by Admin

Some exciting living room ideas for every construction style...

Have a look into some of the best living room ideas that suit any construction style, traditional,
contemporary, or modern. Experience the impulse from the first impression of your guests with some of
the impactful ideas for a living room! Make the reception space more interesting and ...

Mar 04, 2019, by Admin

Home Contents Insurance: Protect your valuable belongings

Everybody is aware of the insurance policies and insurance has become imperative in today's lifestyle. But, have ever thought about insuring your valuable belongings at home in addition to its structure?
Read the article to know more about the Home Contents Insurance.
What is Home ...

Feb 19, 2019, by Admin

3D Home Designers: A revolutionary solution in homemaking!

Are you an architect helping your clients to build their dream homes? Do you go through some of the confusion to choose the right medium to explain the concepts for your customer? And have you ever felt like your customer is facing a lack of clarity when you explain to them about the proposed struct...

Feb 15, 2019, by Admin

Trending Home Decor Ideas for 2019

A fresh year has come with new hopes and fragrant ideas. This is the right time for a personal and professional makeover. Think about some exciting plans for a positive change which you will love to stick on, effortlessly. Bring about dynamic changes to your home interiors or plan for exciting decor...

Feb 06, 2019, by Admin

Simple Home Design Ideas for Small Families

Today, most of the family is small, comprising of the parents and a kid, or two. RAK interiors present some simple and practical home ideas for small families, realizing their majority in society. If you plan accordingly, we can complete a beautiful home customized for the parents and the kids, whic...

Jan 28, 2019, by Admin

Bathroom Interior Design Trends & Lighting Ideas

Interior Designing have gained enviable acceptance these days and every nook and corner of a home have high scopes for interior design. Bathrooms are also sensitive to styling and fashion. Even very small living spaces are finished with the utmost luxury and style by the most wanted interior designe...

Jan 21, 2019, by Admin

Modern Interiors Identify the Prominence of Harmony

Interior designing is an art of transforming interiors to build up a more pleasing environment, filled up with a positive aura perfectly blended with comfort. Prioritizing the user requirements, interior designing makes use of the available space, colors, furniture, and all other accessories to brin...

Jan 14, 2019, by Admin

Interior Design Project with Lacquer Glass Finish

RAK Interior designers Cochin is one of the leading interior design houses in South India. We have witnessed tremendous growth over the last few years in the interior designing industry and this is due to our excellent tem of designers and our highly satisfied clientele. We pride ourselves in provid...

Nov 08, 2018, by Admin

Completed Project – Mr: Rasheed Usman , Cochin,Kerala

Mr: Rasheed Usman , Cochin,Kerala
Home Interiors Cochin
We are feeling glad to announce that one of our best projects located in Cochin, Kerala, has completed. It is required to mention that the accomplished project covers an area of more than 2000 Sq.ft. Interior desi...

Oct 04, 2018, by Admin

Why Choose Rak Interiors?

RAK is an interior design firm that understands the equilibrium between design as an art and design as a construction instrument. Our interior design firm has the ability to create elegant design solutions that upshot in vibrant and client-specific interior spaces. As an interior de...

Sep 10, 2018, by Admin

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