Do you find yourself living in a confined space? Then, we don’t need to remind you how tricky designing a small space can be. But it is very possible to live comfortably in your tiny apartment while keeping your things in a neat and orderly manner. It’s all about space-saving and being inventive.

Here, we will have an insight into some of the most common pitfalls when designing a small space, and more importantly, the best ways to fix them.


1. Choosing the Wrong Shade

When it comes to choosing colors, go for a light shade as they are brilliant at visually enlarging a space and are certainly more inviting. It can brighten up all the dark corners. Always take care not to choose a color that is too bright as they can make a small room appear even smaller.


2. Lots of Tiny Furniture

Most of the homeowners make this mistake of buying tiny furniture for their small apartment without knowing the fact that they can make the room look even smaller. A large piece of furniture can actually make the space look larger, as long as it is selected carefully. So, invest in weightier pieces that will help define the space.


3. Ignore Patterns

Many of you think ignoring a pattern is a good idea. But in reality, a brilliant use of patterns can make your space look bigger. Bold statement patterns actually help to distract the eye from the lack of open space. However, big wallpapers are not a good idea. Experimenting with ideas such as decorative pillows or a bold graphic modern area rug will definitely help.

4. Neglect the Idea of Focal Point

With bigger rooms, finding a focal point is not a difficult task. But when it comes to small spaces, people often ignore this idea of a focal point. But you should believe that small space benefits from the focal point. Make sure you have chosen something visually interesting as the focal point making it as the first thing where the eyes land when entering the space, with less attention on the room’s challenging size. Mastering this step can definitely make a huge difference.


4. Hanging the Art Too Low or Too High

The placement of your art, whether it is a painting or a framed photo can have a significant impact on the room. It is a key mistake to hang the art in a too high or too low position. You might have spent more money for the artwork, but it doesn’t mean it looks awesome in your tiny room. The idea is to position it in an unexpected, subtle location. You can even test the placement with a removable hook.


With these wrong decorating moves, flawless designing of your small space has become a tough job. You need to keep in mind all these design mistakes before you are planning on designing your space. At Rak Interiors, we ideate, plan, and execute the design to create a comfortable and cozy ambience for your small tiny room that reflects your unique taste, needs, and lifestyle.

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Robert Misse 29 October 2021

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