Pets just fill your hearts without trying. 

Are you a pet lover? Having a pet at home is a wonderful experience. But, are you sure that your pet is living the best life in your home? If not, how greatly do you wish to make them feel like they are part of the family? It’s important to keep in mind your furry friends while designing a new home or renovating your home. There are some key elements to look into to make your space as pet-safe, durable and tidy as possible. The home should be made livable for each of its inhabitants. With a brilliant design, you could ensure your pet is comfy all day - indoors and outdoors. Read on to learn some tips for designing a pet-friendly home.


  1. Proper Flooring

Think about getting a slip resistant, durable, and low maintenance flooring. Laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, and concrete are great pet-friendly alternatives not only because they are durable but are also cooler and easy to clean. If you wish to have hardwood floors, choose those that have a matte finish as the glossy floors easily show the defects. Also, choose those that are scratch resistant so that the pets won’t cause any damage.


  1. Dedicated Furniture

Have a dedicated furniture for your pet that is stain resistant and easy to clean. This reduces the chances they scratch or damage your beautiful sofas and chairs. The furniture should be durable and color can be close to the color of the fur. Few of the fabrics that are durable are microfiber and leather. Remember if you choose leather, there is a chance that it could get scratched. Consider couch cushions with covers for the furniture as it can be removed and washed.


  1. Bathing Station

Your pet needs to be kept clean and bathing them often keeps the house clean to an extent. A bathing station with detachable spray hoses to get them cleaned up will be a great addition. Also install a storage cabinet where you can keep their towel, soap, and shampoo.


  1. Food Corner

Having a food corner for your pet allows you to keep their foods and treats, and it also reduces the mess ensuring that the feeding is done in an appropriate place. It also allows them to have a routine. Water should always be available there which you can keep in a bowl or something. A dedicated food corner also enables you to ensure your pets are having full and healthy meals.


  1. Sleep Station

A cozy place to sleep or relax is necessary for your pet. It will also make them feel more comfortable to be in their own little zone. Consider building a sleep station with some good fabric beds and you need to accessorize it with weather-appropriate pillows and throws. This idea doesn’t work great for cats but perfect for dogs, rabbits, and so on.


Each of the above tips is intended to get you a home that could be the best spot to raise a healthy and happy pet. No matter how many tips you get to know, talk to an expert interior design company in Cochin such as RAK Interiors and see if they can incorporate all of them for getting you a pet-friendly home design.

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