Have you ever thought of a situation where an interior designer visits your home for a friendly meet or for any other purpose? Aren’t you curious about what he or she would notice as soon as they step into your home? Interior designers know much about the trends and styles, and they possess all the required skills to transform an indoor space into an elegant and functional space for the people who live there. How confident will you be to invite him or her? What if your home design is full of flaws? Well, in this blog, we have put together a list of design elements that interior designers would notice as they enter your home for the first time?
1. Room Layout
The first thing they would look at is your room’s layout. It includes architectural errors such as poorly aligned doorways, wrong height of the ceiling, and so on.
2. Lighting
The next thing they would probably notice is that if the lighting has been done correctly. Wrong lighting could spoil even a fabulous design. Designers mostly don't prefer overly lit up interiors.
3. Furniture Placement
They would check if the furniture is placed in such a way that it is inviting and welcoming guests or if they have created a messy walking pattern with it.
4. Cushions on the Sofa
Designers always prefer more cushions on the sofa. Multiple throws always look better and make the couch so much cozier. They would also check if the cushions are small and flat or big and well-made.
5. Little Items
They would notice if the space has gone cluttered with the little items that you have placed in the room. Designers prefer minimal styling because of which the room looks better organized and uncluttered.
6. Arrangement of Shelves
They would check if the books or items are arranged properly on the shelves. Books stacked in piles indicate they are just kept as decorative props. The collection looks best when they are kept easily accessible.
7. Curtains
You may feel like it is a minor detail but it is one among the first things designers notice when they get into the room. They would check how you hung the curtains, especially the gaps. Curtains that touch the floor are impressive and try to choose those that are full in shape and have elegant lines.
8. Matching Decor
Designers don’t prefer too much matching decor. They would like to have a mix always. It definitely seems boring to have matching colors for everything.
9. Smell
They would notice if they are being greeted with an overwhelming fragrance as soon as they step in. There is nothing worse than keeping too many candles, powerful diffuser, or incense.


You need to realize that all these flaws are entirely fixable. Some people often have a good taste, but they are not sure about how to lay pieces out. In such cases, you could seek the help of some proficient team of interior designers such as Rak Interiors in Cochin, who know how to cleverly utilize your apartment space to provide you with a beautiful and functional interior design.

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