Life seems extra unfair to kids these days, you are likely to agree if you are a new parent. Children are being kept away from exposure to the learning environment of a school. So, there is more you can do than just arrange the gadgets for online classes. It's about time that you give your child that school-like feeling within your home interior. Get inspired by the best interior designs that are kid-friendly and create a home-school space for your child. Renovate a room in your home interior and give your child a comfy learning space.


Learning at play

You can blend your home interior design with elements of education. Add a fusion of colors and shapes to the carpet to let your child learn at each step. A décor with alphabets and numbers will complete the feel. You can also put up frames of baby animals and trees for your child to see and learn. Experiment with all the elements of décor that will enable your child to learn while they play.


The differentiated spots

Redesign the room to fit in all the key spots of a pre-primary school. Fix a table and chair where the child can sit and attend classes. Then, add a tiny wash counter and lunch area nearby. In another corner, set up a tent for your little one’s naptime. It would get all the more better if you add another table and some chairs where your child can invite friends for the weekend and enjoy a snack time.


The kid’s special

Add sufficient lighting to the room so that your child can read and write without strain. Place some indoor plants in the area to give a touch of nature. Some toys, books, and shelves in the study space would be useful addition. All these elements of décor will enhance the look of the room and provide a functional learning environment for your child.


Let your kid experience school within the walls of your home. Redesign your interiors to add happiness to your child’s heart and satisfaction to your mind.

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Robert Misse 29 October 2021

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