Taking it light this Summer

With the winter bidding goodbye, we are all set to jump start the summer set-up for our home interiors. A complete revamp is what this climate change demands in our region. From fabrics to colours, every element undergoes a switch in Indian homes and interiors. Here’s a sneak-peek into Indian homes that plan out summers in perfection.


Greener Rooms

The scorching heat will be a little too much for your delicate plants to take in. Give them a safe place, take them indoors. And wallah! You have a living space that soothes your senses and gives you the touch of nature in the hot summer days.


Bright is in

Nothing dull stands the shades of summer. Your interiors deserve bright and bold shades that dance well with the vibrant shades of summer. Subtle curtains and shades that stand out and block the strong sunlight for you is a major change for this seasonal swap. From sheets to carpets and other decorative accessories, a switch to brighter tones becomes inevitable this summer.


The Dual Tone Effect

While winters demand single shades for interiors, the summers call for dual tones – trendy and classy. The tone mix denotes a more dynamic mood and is precisely for months that are more active and bubbly. The blue-greens, yellow-reds and purple-pinks pumps up spirits and will definitely energize your soul.


Your home interior defines your mood to a large extend. So, why compromise? Renovate or re-arrange your home this summer to jazz up 2022!

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Robert Misse 29 October 2021

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