Soft furnishing sounds cozy, right? Just like the name suggests, those are furniture made of soft materials. They are generally the fabric used in the interiors, thus adding up a lot to the whole furnishing of a building. They not only compliment other furniture but also the overall aesthetics of the architecture. These can be upholstery, fabric cushions, curtains, rugs, wall hangings and tapestries, sofas, doormats, and also bedding. Even though soft furnishing is best used for aesthetic pleasure, it can be put into use for the purpose of balancing the room temperature. They absorb and retain the space heat. They can also be used for sound insulation. As each type of material serves the purpose differently,   interior designing companies in Kerala  have different kinds of soft furnishing to provide a different atmosphere. Let us look at each of them and how they can fulfil your needs. 


Well, curtains can be an amazing piece of décor; it also works at blocking light, sound, and keeps you cosy. Curtains are classified into different types. There are curtains, decorative shades, and then there are drapes. Curtains are basically translucent screens, whereas decorative shades refer to the decorative surrounding made of thick, opaque material. Drapes, as the name suggests are pleated pieces of cloth. While drapes give us a formal look, curtains are more informal and appealing. They can serve several purposes. One such is creating a transition between the interior and exterior. It can change the apparent size, shape, and character of the room, by making the room appear large and tall according to the draperies used. It also provides privacy to a great extent.


Who doesn’t like to plunge into the softness of a comfy cushion? It is a bundle of joy. A variety of cushions are available in the market in different colours, patterns, and forms. They either make or break the aesthetics. Cushions, if used to match with the appearance of the space can add up to the beauty. At the same time, if not used properly, all of it looks messy.

Cushions are a great dose of comfort according to the material used in them. They are usually filled with foam or down feathers. Sometimes, fleece is also used for filling them. Greater the amount of content, the greater the comfort and warmth. Also, they can provide great back support while you relax. 


Bedrooms can be everyone’s most comfortable space in the house. It is where you shed all the stress of the day, and wake up to a fresh morning. Thus, the furnishing should be as lively and soothing as it can be. It demands a keen selection of materials and colours. The material must be skin-friendly and durable. It must go well with the overall aesthetics of the room. The most popular materials used are cotton and satin. 


Who doesn’t like the feel of walking on a soft rug? It can give you a pleasant feeling while you move through the room. Your feet won’t go cold with this one. Thus, rugs play a great role while furnishing a room. They are used both in bedrooms and living rooms. Selecting the right rug for the room is very important. The size of the rug, the colour, the way it feels, everything matters. Sometimes, contrasts also work well. The dimensions should be intact. If the rug is large and fits well to the wall, it can make the room look small. 

Wall hangings and tapestries

Wall hangings play an important role in interior design. If chosen thoughtfully, a wall hanging can provide for the entire room. They are eye-catchers and create a focal point in the overall design. But most importantly they are not only used for decoration but also for covering up any flaws in the wall, particularly any piece of wiring or anything of that sort. It can also create an instant colour palette and bring out a sense of texture.

Tapestries are just wall carpets. So, while choosing one, consider all that you know about choosing a rug. 

Sofas and armchairs

A sofa or armchair should match your imagination of comfort and style. The upholstery fabric enhances their beauty and cause. Since they are mostly used in the living spaces, your guest will also be pleased with the way you put them together. Consider the material thinking who will be using the furniture. Keep in mind the durability of the material, if it is going to be placed somewhere it will be used frequently. Doormats The moment you step inside your house can be the decisive moment of how the rest of your day at the home will be. Besides, it creates the first impression on your guests. If the house looks messy from the doorstep itself, no doubt, the mood is spoiled for the day. Hence, doormats can play a decisive role while you choose your furnishing. They are practical as they reduce the amount of dirt that comes inside the house. Now that you know about different soft furnishing and how it creates the mood and ambience of the interior, choosing turnkey projects  for the space of your likes becomes unavoidable.

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