All you need to know about Home Renovation

All excited about renovating your home interior? Renovations can often be exciting and equally overwhelming. Matters that tend to finish in a day’s time can often take weeks and get your spirits low. Not to worry! Here are some quick tips for you to get things sorted the right way.


Plan it out

Everything is bleak with zero planning. A proper idea or plan about what needs to be done gives you the edge in deciding the timeline and cutting short the mental clutter. Choosing a style, picking the right colours, placements etc. is crucial when it comes to remodelling. Skip this step only if you have a clean slate to add more worries about your home interiors.


Your Home interior speaks for you

The manner in which you arrange your interiors define quite a lot about your personality. You might have the urge to set a vintage unit, a modular kitchen, a boho bedroom – and boy, your head will swing in all directions before you anchor. Well, this is quite normal and there is absolutely nothing wrong in blending patterns, styles or concepts. After all, your home is your private space and it’s gotto be what makes you happy! Loop in with the right interior designing team and you will have your ideas and plans laid out in the best possible way.


Change begins with Paint

Talk about redesigning and the first thing your interior designer would suggest for a fresh look is to change the colour of your walls. When we say walls, never underestimate the importance of the ceiling. A wee bit of change in the colour or ceiling pattern can totally re-define your space. A mix of solid colours, gradients and textures or wallpaper plays key roles in home renovations.


Every Space counts

In interior designing, every space has its own worth. Imagine a home walk-in…  the foyer, the  living area, dining room, kitchen,bedroom, pantry, wash counter  and what not! You (unintentionally) and your guests (well, of course intentionally) will analyse all these areas and remember what captivates the mind. Designing these units creates an aura and vibe that reflects in your entire home and that cannot be ignored!


 Accessories matter

A house evolves into a home when it is filled with the right accessories and right people. People often consider renovation as a mere change of colour and style. No! What brings life to a home are the tiny and big elements that act as flavouring agents to the mood you wish to set. The right accessories placed at the perfect spot redefines your space in a jiffy! And then, your renovation can be termed ‘complete’.


Well, now that you know the basics to get started with renovations, waste no time. Get in touch with the  best interior designer in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu, and plan things out. One step is all it takes to enliven your dreams!

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Robert Misse 29 October 2021

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