How customization becomes key in meeting client needs

A stunning home is easy to be in, but not so easy to make the interior elements fall together in place. Recently, a client wanted to experiment with a splash of colours for his  home interior in Kochi, Kerala. This home had more demands in store, which could be accomplished only by a well experienced interior designer in Kerala. It did not take much of the client’s time to decide on the design suggestions provided by RAK interior’s expert team and the work set afoot.

For a person who loves the nature in its true form and loves to see the colours spread across the different units of his dream home, the designs and elements chosen were with utmost care, considering the weather conditions, sustainability and longevity of products when it comes close in contact with the nature. The dining cum living area has a wall on the right side that pours down when it rains. This wall of stone finish lets the water flow into a defined unit in the living area and washes off to the outlet, enabling ground water to penetrate the ground. On the wall opposite to this is a semi-open area, separated from the indoors by a large glass door. Labelled as a play area, the designers laid a green grass carpet here and added a few basic elements of workout. Under the staircase made of wooden panels, is a shallow fish pond. This element brings in a note of calmness and warmth to this home interior in Kochi.

The colour splash, not preferred by many, was this client’s pick for the interior units of his home. This home has two kitchens finished in different shades of blue – one for the serious cooking experiments and the other for experiments when friends and family gather. The green, pink and yellow on the sofas, chairs and consoles have added the right touch to fulfil the client’s demands.

All in all, this is a 100% customizedhome interiorlike all other projects of RAK interiors. It showcases the different materials, finishes and possibilities ofinterior designs in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka.

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Robert Misse 29 October 2021

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