ARUN PRATHIK - Hyderabad

Highly recommended!
We approached RAK Interiors to design and install interiors for our flat in Hyderabad. RAK travelled with us throughout the journey and made it enjoyable for us. The biggest advantage in our case was their presence across locations and proximity to our place in Bangalore. Made it extremely easy to choose designs in Bangalore and get them installed in Hyderabad.

Mr. Ashfaq led the deal for us and ensured we got great value and experience for money. He ensured that the team kept us involved at every step of the process. He was always available personally to resolve any queries we had. Mr. Shibin was the lead designer and ensured he reflected our tastes and aspirations in the designs. He worked with us patiently over multiple sittings, advising us on the latest trends and cost optimization.

The manufacturing was completed within the promised time. It was impacted by Covid lockdowns but the delay was negligible. The team ensured that they kept us updated wherever necessary. The installation was lightning quick - took 9 working days including the day of unloading. They went ahead and installed other equipment like fans, lights, curtain rods etc. within the time.

Mr. Pramod - the installation lead/supervisor planned with us on a  regular basis so that we could get the ancillary items on time for them to finish their work. He made sure we were comfortable, accommodated our schedules and planned the other activities like granite installation, geyser installation etc., all outide of the scope of work.

The work of the carpenters - Mr. George and team and Mr. Hendry - the electrician speaks for themselves in terms of quality. The work turned out super good and got a thumbs up from our entire family, extended relatives and friends. They even planned electricity and space optimization for us while installing the interiors.

All the above work happened at a highly affordable price, leading to great value for money.

The team left us happy and satisfied at every moment. Would love to thank them so much through this review. We strongly recommend RAK Interiors to anyone who wants to have great interior designs and an overall interior experience.

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