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How to Decorate a Home Office that Reflects Your Personality?

The ‘work from home’ trend is growing and it’s important that your home office should perfectly accommodate your seating preferences and comfortness. It’s also important to integrate your personality to the space so that it inspires your work allowing you to be more focused and productive. Here are some ideas that will help you get started if you have been struggling to design your home office interior.

The Entrepreneur:
For an entrepreneur, the appearance of the home office definitely matters. The home desk should be polished to inspire a smooth and productive workflow, and have a chair that you could comfortably sit in for hours. Make sure neat shelving, neutral colors especially black and white are incorporated and remove anything that distracts you from the work. Incorporate a tac board or cork board to showcase your recent inspirations.

The Creative:
If you are creative or an artist, you will need a space that helps flourish your ideas. Everything that you have in your workspace should be inspiring so that you can brainstorm. Keep the drawers and shelves filled with utensils that make you happy. A large canvas with bright colors or a bulletin board to express yourself are some ways to add your personality. Have the desk and chairs funky for a lively addition to the space. Even the lamp can be a little eccentric!

The Introvert:
As we know, an introvert thrives in a quieter setting. They prefer the classics. Have acoustic panels to minimize exterior noise. A room with a cozy atmosphere is what you need to get all your work done. Use lots of fabric to create a cozier atmosphere. Warm hues, vintage wooden pieces, bookshelves, reading lamps will also motivate an introvert. Ensure ample natural lighting as you may find bright lights distracting.

The Extrovert:
If you are an extrovert, have an open plan design for your home office. As you are likely to entertain often, it’s ideal to have multi-purpose spaces. You may need more people around you, so make sure to have lots of seating in the room to accommodate your friends or family. When it comes to colors, extroverts gravitate towards warm and bright colors, choose paintings and wall treatments with splashes of red, orange, yellow, or bright green.

The Ambivert:
Ambiverts need a workspace that balances both aspects of their personality. A flexible layout having space for both socializing along with spaces set up for privacy will be ideal. Decorate using a mix of warm and cool colors. Using automatic dimmers will allow you to manage the brightness levels according to your mood.

Apart from these, there are tons of personalities out there. Decor items with personal symbolism in your workspace highlights your personality. If you are redesigning your home office or just starting off and you are not confident about designing the space yourself, contact Rak Interiors, the leading interior designing company in Cochin as they will help you design a home office that perfectly matches your personality and makes you feel comfortable.

December 19, 2020 posted by Admin

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