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Clever Design Tricks to Beautify Your Small Bathroom

The best idea to deal with small bathrooms is to keep it well organized. Here, we have compiled a list of design tricks to look for if you are into beautifying your small bathroom.

1. Decorate with Bold and Charming Wallpaper
There are wallpapers that are specially meant for installation in bathrooms. They will be highly wash resistant or scrubbable, and can cope up with the warm and moist conditions. And, if you want to create an impression of a larger room, try choosing some large patterned wallpapers.

2. Use Free Standing Furniture
Furniture that is easy to move around is always best suited for small bathrooms. Choose furniture that doesn’t require much space; stools for placing the essentials such as towels, soap bins, hangers of longitudinal shapes, etc. They are inexpensive too.

3. Install Tiles of Same Color on the Walls and Floors
Using the same tiles on the walls and floors is a great idea to make the lines of separation unnoticeable which creates an illusion of more length. Glossy tiles with light colors will be a great choice.

4. Install a Tall Storage Unit with Tiers
This is one of the brilliant design ideas for small bathrooms. Tall storage units with tiers are easily movable in the space. An open rack with 3 - 4 tiers is a perfect example, as it will be able to hold the bathroom essentials of any shapes.

5. Use Furnishings That Can be Hung on the Walls
Furnishings that can be hung on the walls are much suited for small bathrooms as it consumes less space. Instead of being fitted with cabinets, mirrors can be hung. Also corner spaces can be utilized for storage units of triangular, round or rectangular fashion.

6. Have an Odd Shape for the Bathroom
The idea is to make creative use of the available space. The first step is recognizing potential limitations. Then, through effective utilization and by working with the confinements of the room, it may well work in your favour.

7. Size and Scale Coordination
Furnishings and storage units are to be chosen such that it goes well with the shape of the bathroom. For example; a long rectangular shaped storage unit can be used in a rectangular shaped bathroom.

8. Use a Monochrome Palette for Decoration
This is a great space saving idea. When everything is the same color, it feels like a large space. You can also choose the colors of hangers and storage units in coordination with the overall theme color.

9. Create a Recessed Wall Shelf
Recessed shelves are actually holes cut into your wall that are framed in, drywalled over, and painted or tiled, giving a shelf space, but without anything sticking out into the room.

10. Install False Partitions
Divide your bathroom into irregular portions with false partitions. Use the larger portion for bathing and the other portion for wash basins and keeping essentials.

We hope some of these tips have ignited your minds and inspire you to design a well organized bathroom. If you want some expert advice, contact Rak Interiors, one of the best home interior designers in Cochin who would help you with ideas that match the modern day design rules.

May 06, 2020 posted by Admin

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