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Traditional Kerala Style Interior Design Ideas in 2020

Each one of us dream of a home that is elegant and fabulous, and at the same time functional and welcoming - a space that you can be proud of. Your home can actually reveal a lot about your personality. Nowadays, people are increasingly becoming passionate about their dwellings.  They don't want their dream home to be an imitation of other homes. Interior designing has come a long way and the designers try their best to make your vision a reality. Homes designed in a traditional style have a certain aura about them and they bear a heritage appeal as well.
Stylish and Traditional Designs
Creating a home with a vintage ambience is easy. You can begin by incorporating the traditional style decor concepts. The key features to be included are ventilation, nadumuttam, windows, furniture, and of course wall paintings. Let’s go through each feature and see how they could bring that ambience you love.

Suitable Ventilation  
To let in abundance of fresh air and natural light into the interiors, proper ventilation is to be set up. Both air and natural light are important as they prevent the growth of fungi and remove the smelly air inside. And, humidity levels in Kerala are high and due to constant rains, chances are more that your home tends to become muggy and carry musty odours. A suitable ventilation helps keep the interiors fresh and odourless.  

Central courtyards or Nadumuttam  
Nadumuttam adds to a home’s allure. It gives a regal appearance. You can bring in a lot of plants to the nadumuttam to add more life to it. Try to integrate a small pond with fish, perhaps, against a wall or in the center. Place lights around the nadumuttam to make the place warm and inviting.

They are more than an opening to the outside world. Windows could perk up the interiors of a home while allowing entering of the heat and glow of the sun. When choosing the windows, go with wooden window frames as are always able to add a rich elegance to the home. Wooden frames look equally appealing from inside as well as on the outside. Painting them a white color also gives a classy look. You can also dress them up with a combination of sheer curtains to add more elegance.

Wall Paintings
Some huge, attractive, and eye-catching wall paintings work great against the emptiness of the interiors and they are able to catch the attention of the visitors. Choose bold and unique wall paintings that you think are able to enhance the interiors of your home. Use a color scheme that runs through the entire space or choose something in contrasting colors.
While hiring an interior designer for your home project, make sure that they will be able to come up with some unique ideas and innovations which you think will work for designing your dream space. At Rak Interiors, our team of interior designers in Kochi help to design the interiors providing all the comfort featured keeping the requirements of the customers in mind.

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