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10 Innovative Decor Ideas to Set Up Your Pooja Room

A pooja room induces a positive vibe in your apartment space. While setting up a pooja room, make sure that the decoration should complement the ambience. Your pooja space should be such that a person should instantly feel refreshed as they walk in. People use several decor elements to make their worship areas look alluring, and feel soothing and divine. Check out our list of some innovative decor ideas to set up your pooja room.

Arranging the Pooja Room at One Side of the Living Room
This is applicable to apartments with quite big living rooms. Plan to arrange the pooja room at the far end of the living room. Ensure that you create it on a higher pedestal so as to block the dust from entering the space easily. Though it is cost-effective, it’s quite a tough task, and so you will have to look for some professional interior designers to do the job for you.

A Foldable Cabinet on the Wall
You can keep a foldable wall cabinet on the wall to keep the deities. This is especially for small apartments who may find it difficult to get an appropriate place to worship.

Install Chandeliers
Install nice ethnic chandeliers in the pooja room as it looks really good, especially during the evening ‘Arati’.

Have a Separate Pooja Room 
If you own a big house, it will be great to have a separate pooja room. The room should be appropriately decorated with all the necessary elements. The wall should be painted in a way that the room delivers the proper look and feel.
Keep High Pedestals 
Again, this is applicable for small apartments. In the bedroom, place a high pedestal where you can keep the deities. It will be good to have a marble pedestal as it is easy to clean.
Transform Empty Wall with Wallpapers 
A nice pooja room design can be developed by turning the empty wall into an accent wall by adding some great wallpapers.
 Use Right Carpets 
Use the right carpets in your worship space. If the pooja space is on the one side of the living room, then you can separate the space by placing a big carpet that covers the entire pooja space.
Apply Stickers 
Apply stickers or such other things on the floor, which will also be helpful for elderly persons who cannot sit on the floor.
Have a Well-Designed Marble Floor 
Have marble floors as the space where the rituals are conducted should always be clean. Marble floors are quite easy to clean.
Build a Pooja Niche
If you have a very small room but want to have a separate area for pooja, building a pooja niche will do as it looks like a separate pooja room.

While it’s possible to have most of these decorations done all by yourselves, homeowners can also consult an interior designer to get advice on modern pooja room designs. Rak Interiors is a professional interior designing company in Cochin whom you can certainly ask to give ideas on how you can utilize your apartment space and come up with a beautiful pooja room design

April 09, 2020 posted by Admin

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