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11 Handy Tips to Take Care of Your Antique Interiors and Furniture

Antique interiors and furniture are always a great addition to your home as it will make the space look elegant and magnificent. Most of these pieces are made using delicate fabrics that require extra care and attention. Sometimes, a wrong cleaning method can ruin their entire appearance and decrease their worth. You absolutely must learn how to care for them properly. Learn how to maintain the antique pieces in your home with these handy tips below so that they will look their best for the years to come.
Use Murphy’s Oil Soap  
Apply the mixture of Murphy’s oil soap and water to your antique using a cloth. Before applying, make sure the item is free from paint or any dirt. Do gently polish and see how the piece is getting cleaned.

Steel Wool to Remove the Stains 
Tough stains such as adhesives or glue can be cleaned using steel wool. Before using steel wool, lubricate your item with an appropriate spray.
Apply Paste Wax 
It is an age-old technique. On applying, it will dry into a thin but durable layer that offers protection to your antique piece.

Cleaning and Vacuuming 
Proper cleaning is important to upkeep your antique pieces. You can also vacuum after cleaning so that it is super tidy.

Use a Soft Cloth and Mild Cleaner 
The antique interiors and furniture are very delicate and thus have to be cared for with extreme care. Select a mild cleaner to clean the antique pieces. And, you need to rub the surface down with a soft cloth.

Toothbrush for Hard Reaching Places 
This is indeed a very easy tip. An old toothbrush can be used in a way to get to the hard reaching places and fine edges.

Brush your antique pieces with a soft brush. Clean using a mild cleaner and allow it to dry. Try hard to avoid water as much as possible. Then you can polish the items for maximum benefit.

This is a big step and it could destroy the antique pieces if not done properly. So you need to get the help of some professionals having extensive knowledge about the intricacies of the antique pieces.

Humidifier for Dry Environment 
Use a humidifier if you live in a very dry environment. In such an environment, the dry air will absorb all the moisture from the wood, causing it to become very dry, which could lead to cracks and damages.

Expose not to Heat and Sunlight 
Keep your antique pieces away from heat and sunlight, and avoid using heat appliances nearby.

Keep Away Pests 
Regularly check your antique items carefully for any sign of pest or pest-related damage. Some treatments such as moisture control, fumigation, insecticides, etc. can also be tried to keep the pests away.
Follow these little cleaning practices to take care of your antique pieces and enjoy the contentment of owning some remarkable items at home for long. You can also contact some professional designers to bring about a certain class to your decor. Rak Interiors offers the best deals for chairs and furniture of your choice as they are the leading interior designers in Cochin. They will also help organize the interior decor as per the homeowner’s requirements

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