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Latest Design Hacks for Decorating Your Kids Room

A child’s bedroom is the place where he/she play, learn, sleep and dream, and so it’s important to make the place fun and exciting. So, if you are looking into creating a space your kids love, make sure the place adds up to their imaginary and creative thinking. Decorating the space is actually a fun process and you will need to add some custom pieces to get that smile on your child’s face. Read on the article to know about the latest design hacks for getting an inspiration new look for your kids’ room.
1. Theme Based Design
 Nowadays, a child is more occupied with his/her toys and they will mostly spend their time in the bedroom. The room needs to reflect the kid’s tastes and personality. If the child is a boy, he probably will be having a tremendous passion for vehicles, so styling the room with a car or bike shaped artwork on the wall contributes much to the fascination and excitement of the child. And if it is a girl child, she must be loving cute barbie-dolls, so decorating the room with cute toys will cater to her taste as well.
2. Make the Space Customized
 A customized décor makes great additions to your kids’ theme-based room. As they spend their quality time in the bedroom, the space plays a crucial role in their character development. To make the room customized, sometimes, you simply can hang the drawings made by your child or place his/her photographs on the wall. Hanging your kid’s favorite photos with a beautiful rope and decorated clothespins will also do. You can even go with glow-in-the-dark star stickers. Whenever add a custom piece, make sure it isn’t so permanent or expensive, as you know kids grow fast and their taste may also change with time.
3. Design and Functionality
 When it comes to your kid’s room, it requires a thoughtful approach for the design. The design should be such that it can be easily managed and cleaned. It also allows comfortability and convenience. Using expandable cot is one of the best ideas as your child grows. And, you can consider embedding the cot in the wall if there is any space constraint, as the cot can also be used as cupboard during day time. This is one among the latest décor ideas in children’s room.
4. Paint the Room with Neutral Shades
 The trend was painting the kid’s room with pink or blue color; however, this is no more appealing. Neutral shades with strokes of pink, yellow, blue or green are more in common nowadays. The neutral shades include grey, white, beige, etc. You can also choose to stick wallpapers of different themes if in case you don’t want to paint the walls.
Mentioned are some of the design hacks for decorating the kids’ room. Though the job is not really challenging, the best is to consult with one of the interior designs to make it more effective. At Rak Interiors, we design spaces that are more operational and innovative that comprise a unique play area for your kids.

January 21, 2020 posted by Admin

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