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Top 6 Bathroom Design Blunders to Avoid

A bathroom is a place where you get refreshed after a hard day's work or where you are most at peace with yourself. It's also a place that most of your guests will use and take a look at. When designing a bathroom, there are some common layout mistakes that can upset the balance of the room's space efficiency and its appeal. Watch out for these common design blunders that can be easily fixed to get a fabulous and functional bathroom ever.

Mistake #1: Not Having a Window
Allowing the natural light in is a true comfort. There is no great feel in spending time in a room that is dark with bad air circulation. A wall window is an aid in air circulation, which is important in a bathroom. If it is not possible, try out for a skylight or a solar tube that allows the natural light to get in the room.

Mistake #2: Exposing the Bathroom
How would you feel about sitting in the dining room, but that is having a view to your bathroom? Most of us find it not satisfying, right? So the best is to avoid locating the bathroom directly away from the view of living room, dining room or kitchen. Or you can install an alluring door or some sort of barrier to block the visual from other rooms.

Mistake #3: Having the Door Open Directly to the View of Toilet
Having the toilet placed in the center of a bathroom is not a part of a good bathroom
design. It shouldn't be the first thing you see when opening the door. A bathroom's
layout should be such as to have the toilet and shower out of line of sight when the door
is opened.

Mistake #4: Selecting the Wrong Materials
The materials chosen should cop up with the temperature fluctuation and everyday use. And ensure the wood, metals, stone, paint, and wallpaper you have chosen are harmless for the usage. Also, to draw out moisture and odour, an exhaust fan is to be installed to improve the air quality.

Mistake #5: Not Planning for Sufficient Storage
A messy bathroom due to insufficient storage takes away the dream look you wanted to achieve. Thinking about the overall storage requirement and deciding on what type of storage you will need while designing the bathroom helps a lot in getting it organized.

Mistake #6: Going Cheap
Going cheap with certain things such as bathtub, shower, sink, and cabinets is always a bad idea as it will always end up in getting you to repair or replace it within few months itself. Using substantial fixtures always leads to damage as well as loss of money. All the above mentioned bathroom design mistakes are common that happens with most of us. However, you need to ensure that your bathroom delivers all the functionality you need. So it's always best to hire a professional interior designer such as Rak Interiors, an exclusive interior designing firm based in Cochin. We assure that we can transform your bathroom into a tranquil get away inside your home.

December 27, 2019 posted by Admin

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