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5 Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

A countertop is the foundation of a kitchen décor and is an essential component. It matters a lot what material and design you choose for your countertop. A wealth of options is available, but the tough part is choosing the right material for your countertops that will add both resale value to your home and that stays within the budget. Here’s a look at five of the most popular kitchen countertop materials.

1.    Granite
With classic elegance and outstanding durability, granite remains one of the most popular and desirable countertops for home buyers. It comes in a wide array of colors: vibrant blues and variegated browns, to midnight black, deep red and mottled white, and so it’s easy to fit in with your kitchen’s style. This will provide the homeowners with the feel they want to achieve. Make sure the countertop is sealed, or else it will be subjected to staining.

2.    Marble
It is one of the classic choices where premium quality is desired. It brings that kind of astonishing beauty to your home. The marble surface stays cool even in the heat of summer. Marble countertops come in fewer color patters than those of granites. It must be sealed to avoid staining. It has an excellent resistance to heat and offers outstanding durability when properly cared for. The only problem is that it cost high for maintenance.

3.    Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tiles are cheaper than slab stone counters. It is durable and easy to clean. It is usually affordable and immune to heat damage from hot pans. Almost limitless colors and style choices are available than nearly any other countertop materials. It resists stains, water, and heat and will last a lifetime with a normal care. It’s also particularly friendly for a DIY project.

4.    Solid Surfaces
It is an artificial stone mostly a mixture of polyester or acrylic. It feels smooth similar to natural stone, but it’s not so cool to touch. It is one of the least expensive options in countertops. It is resistant to most household cleaning supplies. An integral solid-surfacing sink is an appealing option. An extensive range of pattern and color choices are available in these material categories and bids less maintenance.

5.    Stainless Steel
Stainless steel countertops add a professional vibe to your kitchen area. It comes in a number of different finishes. You can select the one which you feel will go with your overall design, whether modern or a retro style. Its features such as durability, heat tolerant, worktop, etc. helped it gain more popularity. The look of this material balances both modern and traditional kitchens. It is also considerably very less expensive.
The countertops have a huge influence on the appearance and mood of the kitchen. We at Rak Interiors helps you with choosing a wise a option to better kitchen atmosphere that is warm and which gives a polished look. Get in touch with us and get the right solutions that are according to your taste and budget.

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