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Decorating Ideas on Making your Home a Happy Place

Home is the place where you feel that you belong. Making your home happier will assure you peace of mind and a cheerful vibe. It lifts your mood every time you walk through your door. How do you design a home, which gives you a sense of happiness? Here are some of the simple ideas that can be implemented to design your home for happiness and positivity. Some of the ideas don’t even cost you any money, they just need some effort from your side.

1. Let in Enough Natural Light
Allow as much natural light into your home as possible. Prefer lighter sheer curtains in the side window that permits the natural light to flow through them. In case you are not lucky enough to let in the natural light, try using cozy enticing lights. You can also incorporate the basic types of lighting; accent lighting, task light and overhead lightening to have a very cheerful effect on a room.

2. Add More Greenery
Having indoor plants is a great idea to boost your mood, reduce stress and help deter illness. Also, the study shows that keeping indoor plants helps in boosting the happiness levels. Apart from that, it eliminates the harmful toxins from the air, thus keeping you healthy.

3. Update Furniture with Custom Pieces
The furniture you have and how well you arrange can influence delighting your mood. A quirky piece of furniture can cheer up a space and provide a customized look as well. That is, it is great if you can bring your individual taste reflecting in your furniture.

4. Music to Create the Ideal Atmosphere
It is asserted that music has an indirect influence on your mood and other emotional responses. Playing music makes your time at home more pleasurable and fun. Good sound quality products available at online sites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc. can be preferred.

5. Select the Right Color for your Wall
Choosing the right color for your walls not only add elegance, but also affects your mood. Use bright colors for an amiable ambience and neutral colors for a calming space. And the use of white colors can create a mood of positivity.

6. Mix New Elements with Old Pieces
Adding new elements to the already existing but alluring old pieces has emotional values, which make the home unique. This will also create moments of real connection among the family members.

7. Place Mirrors to Make your Home Feel Bigger and Brighter
A mirror placed opposite to the window help reflect the rays around the room, making the room look brighter. The bigger the mirror, more is the space it will appear to create.

The design ideas mentioned above help bring tranquility to both your home and heart. When you feel any doubt, it’s best to consult an interior designer to execute the design in a well customized way. At Rak Interiors, we help in designing your space to match your tastes to create something unique, just for you.

September 26, 2019 posted by Admin

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