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Smart Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Look More Luxurious

All of us dream to have a luxurious sleep space that is indulgent and more relaxing. Achieving this dream without breaking the budget is considered not possible. But there are many styling tricks that prove you don’t have to spend much to create the bedroom of your dreams. Read on for some ideas that can help make your bedroom look more luxurious and feels plush and inviting.

1. Clear the Clutter
The first and simplest step for a great looking room is decluttering. Clean out all the unnecessary details such as unread books, unused exercise equipment and other knick-knacks. A cluttered room will never give you the wanted look for your room, even if you spend more on the furnishings.

2. Use Elegant Trays
Adding a beautiful tray to your dresser top or nightstand is always a better idea. Buy a pretty tray and use it to hold the otherwise-scattered items such as hair clip, perfume bottles, nail polish etc.

3. Place Small Indoor Plants
Adding some greenery is one of the easiest ways for an expensive-looking room. You can cut a few trimmings of a plant and place it in a beautiful vase or keep potted plants. The greenery will help brighten the room and make a great difference.

4. Add Beautiful Throw Pillows
Keeping beautiful throw pillows on the bed is a quick way to accessorize the room to get an expensive look. But remember the pillow should not take up more than a quarter of bed length or else it will give an overstuffed look.

5. Splurge on Statement Pieces
Identify a few key pieces, let it be a large piece of artwork or a fine collectible on your dresser. Make sure it reflects your personal taste and style and should be seen immediately upon entering the room. You can experiment with one statement piece positioning over the bedhead for maximum impact.

6. Add Large Mirrors to the Wall
It will add an instant expensive feel. Large mirrors, reflecting the room back, make appear the room look more spacious, even twice the actual size.

7. Adjust the Curtain Rod
Raising the curtain up high by adjusting the rod to just below the ceiling line will help make the room suddenly look bigger as well as elegant. These are some of the smart ideas by which you can transform the look of your bedroom
without breaking the bank. At Rak Interiors, we are backed with the best interior designers who will adopt clever ideas and designs to get you an eye-catching look for your dream home. We know to handle your designing and decorating requirements, even if you are a homeowner with limited living space.

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