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Difference between Turnkey and Design Only Projects for Interior Designing

Interior designing has become the most significant aspect nowadays as our interest in building an aesthetically pleasing space is increasing. With a poor interior design, even the largest house can lack space and turn your expectations into a bad reality. And, a small apartment can be revolutionized into a smart home with enough space with the right interior design. Whether residential or commercial, the atmosphere, spacing and functionality relies upon the way it has been designed.

When you consider about designing your space, you need to decide on the two approaches – turnkey and design only. You should be aware of the differences between these two models of interior designing to choose the one that will be the best for you.

Let’s look at the differences in terms of factors or points mentioned below:
1. Planning
With Turnkey, the contractor is responsible for every single task involved in designing and implementation of the entire project. The schedule will be submitted in advance and the project may be delivered even before the mentioned time, though not necessarily imply less construction time. In Design only, design and execution are often the responsibility of different individuals, including the designer, contractor, carpenter and many others. The planning is decided only for the design part.
2. Design and Materials
In Turnkey, the detailed drawing of the design is handled by the interior design agency you have hired. They also provide details of all the materials before implementation in order to avoid confusions in the future. In Design only, the focus is on the design portion of the work only.
3. Cost of the Project
In Turnkey, all the details of the work and rates are fixed at the same time so that you get the estimated cost of the work, which will help you do the financial planning properly. In Design only, the cost of the project can change. A rough estimate of the cost will be provided, but chances are more there is much difference in the actual cost of what was first calculated.
 4. Flexibility
With Turnkey, chance for the changes being done is very less as everything is finalized at the beginning itself, whereas in Design only model, there is more flexibility and changeability as you continually interact with the designer. You also get a chance to implement your ideas in this model.
5. Site Monitoring or Management
In Turnkey projects, the site is supervised daily till the project is completed and thus the results are quite favorable. And in Design only projects, the site supervision is not done in a daily manner.
Both Turnkey and Design only models cost nearly the same. So, choosing which approach to take based on cost is not a good idea. Many of the top interior designers consider Turnkey for commercial properties and Design only model for residential projects as it offers more personalization. Consider all these factors in mind, evaluate your needs in the beginning and make the perfect choice that suits your requirements.

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