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Creative Ways to Get More Out of Your Bedroom Storage

The bedroom is an intimate and private space. It is because of the very private nature that this space of the home affords us, we tend to overuse its utility in terms of storage. We are more often than not constrained by a lack of space for storing our belongings and it is the bedroom that bears the burden of extra storage. It is turned into a hoarding ground for bedrooms. For those who face the issue of small bedroom space and are looking to find ways to utilize the storage capabilities without sacrificing comfort and visual appeal, we have some handy tips for you that can help with your excess storage requirements.

Utilizing the under bed space:
We always try to store our excess materials and belongings under the bed. It is a harrowing and cringe-worthy experience, particularly if one has to often retrieve any item and put them back every now and then. If one has a small wardrobe and not enough space for placing stuff, one can adopt smarter ways to build more storage. You can create an under bed storage solution by attaching extra planks, or by installing a new bed with storage capacity. Another neat and cost effective way could be to raise the height of the current bed and one can have more storage space by placing wooden or metal containers and thereby not compromising on space in the bedroom.

Utilizing Drawers
Drawer dividers are an efficient way to sort and organize your storage space. It helps to keep different items separated. By taking the time properly to store the clothing one has got in the dresser, one can afford oneself more storage space. However, one must also consider other storage methods such as vacuum packing out of seasonal clothing. Also, there are different ways that one can organize the dresser by using materials like PVC pipes, or inserting custom wooden drawer dividers. This will help de-clutter the drawer. Another cost effective to could be to change the way of folding one’s clothes.

Having Multi Utility Furniture in the Bedroom
To make enough storage in the bedroom, aone can choose to invest in furniture that has multiple utilities. Use small storage cabinets that can double up as a table, or one can use wall cabinets instead of shelves, a floating drawers and also one can install cabinets that serve as bedside tables which can provide extra storage.

Finding Unutilized Space in the Closet
No matter how hard we try there is still always that bit of unused space in the closet. Whether one is trying to make the best of every inch of storage space, there is a lot space that goes unutilized. This space can definitely be used for more storage. By adding more clothing rods, putting in small drawers for accessories and lingerie, fitting clothing hooks to wardrobe doors will help utilize space more effectively in the closet.

Using a Shallow Wardrobe
Installing a shallow wardrobe actually helps to create a warm and cosy feel to small bedroom spaces. Such a wardrobe helps to add character to the bedroom. One can try to add a dash of light color to the wardrobe which could help which help to remove the claustrophobic feel.
We at RAK Interiors help home owners with limited lving spaces find the best use for their storage requirements. Our team of designers and experts adopt clever ideas and designs to  not just keep things in control but also help declutter the space.

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