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Simple Tips to Harness Positive Energy in your Homes

Your home is the centre of your world. It is where you and loved ones live. it is where you can comback after a long day of work and spend time and relax with your loved ones. It is where you find your energy. It is the place that centers you and helps you find balance. It is the reflection of residents and personal space for one to relax and happy. All of us strive to attain the perfect living space and the standard of living that not only becomes our comfort zone, but also an extension of our personalities. Your personal space is one that should bring you more peace and relaxation, especially after a hard day at work.  In order to strike a balance of harmony, peace and comfort to your house, it should be viewed as a home with good looking interiors and an environment that exudes positive energy. An interior designer with the necessary expertise can help you attain a good balance to your living and work space and help increase your potential for achievement in life.  So it would be prudent to hire an expert in interior design who can harness the positive energy into your living space. This blog will highlight some of the different ways and also provide tips on how you can bring positive energy to your homes and living spaces.

Focus on Front Door:
The significance of the front doors cannot be stressed enough. They should be in perfect condition as it signifies prosperity and also serves the purpose of invitation. To pull the energy in through your front door you need to firstly de-clutter the space. You can start by removing all unnecessary hindrances like strewn shoes, and dirty doormats. You can instead have a closed shoe rack and add some beautiful plants and lights on either side of the door. The hallway or the entry hall invites opportunities; hence one must always ensure to keep it clutter free so that energy can be freely circulated in the hall. You can uplift the energy in the space by installing some beautiful mirrors and fresh flowers in the living area. One should also ensure that the flow energy is not blocked or hindered from moving around freely by
having incorrectly placed furniture.

Dining Area:
The dining area is an important space where one indulges in a good family meal. In order to optimize the energy in the area, one can place a mirror on the wall to reflect the dining table and also one can choose to place fresh flowers on the table to achieve a calm and serene atmosphere where you can sit back, relax and enjoy meals together with your family.

The kitchen is the area where a lot of effort and preparation tales place every day to provide the members of your family with a healthy meal. It is the heart of the home and its energy signifies harmonyand nourishment for the residents. One should be careful not to place the gas stove and sink opposite each other as this can lead to the arguments between couples and it might create fire and water elements to crash. Another thing that should be remembered is that when it comes to colours used in the décor of the kitchen it is best to avoid too many dark colours like black and red as it also causes the  water and fire elements to crash. Another tip is to not place the gas hob directly under a window or opposite the front door.

Like any other space, adequate importance must be given to interiors of the bathroom. It should be maintained well with cleanliness and hygiene being extreme importance at all times. Failure to do so would spread negative vibes to the inhabitants.  Also one should remember to keep the door of the bathroom closed every time to avoid letting negative energy diffuse your home. Sometimes it might create certain obstacles to personal and professional relationships.

Finally, the bedroom is a personal space. It is a sanctuary where you can express your emotions using your favourite colours and artwork.  It is the personal space where you spend most of your resting hours at home.  To encourage restful and relaxed sleep, the bedrooms must be painted with light neutral colours and the beds must have a headboard that is positioned against a solid wall. Place bedside tables on either side of the bed to provide backing. And also place lightly aromatic candles and curvy lamps on the bedside table to add a dash of romantic energy. We at RAK have an experienced team of interior designers who are well versed with concepts of Feng-Shui and Vaastu to help you achieve the best balance of energy in your living spaces.

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