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Innovative Hacks and Tips to Revamp and Redesign Your Balcony

Just like any other space in your home where you spend a lot of time and energy in choosing the best look and design in terms of the interiors. Just like any other area in your home, the balcony too is a place that holds a special place in your living space. A balcony helps you to connect with the outdoors whilst in the comfort of your home. The balcony space in most flats and apartments is one which is often overlooked by most home owners. Most of the times owners use the balcony to dry their clothes or keep some extra things for storage. With small apartments you usually end up with small balconies, but that doesn't mean that you can’t add some variety and a feeling of claustrophobia. In terms of interior design one can create a very cozy and beautiful balcony space if one spends a little bit of attention and uses a few hacks. So, you might dream of creating one for your own. We have a few ideas and hacks that you can use to revamp and redesign your balcony.
Garden Look
Gardens in the balcony can deliver an exotic look to the space by the use of colours and patterns. The setting of a garden in the balcony will help many aspiring gardeners to pursue their passion and hobby for gardening despite the lack of a garden or yard space. Such a garden in the balcony will make a good impression on visitors and guest when you green up your balcony space. People around the world are now transforming their balconies into spaces where they can grow their gardens. The amount of sunlight will determine what kind of plants you can grow. We recommend implementing vertical gardening patterns that allows you to grow and nurture a wide variety of plants in a small limited space.
Flooring Aesthetics
If you have a well-covered balcony then wooden flooring looks classy and adds extra elegance to your balcony. But you must ensure that it is protected against the elements.  We suggest that you consider fitting good quality artificial grass turf on your balcony floor. This will spontaneously give a fresh look and outdoorsy feel to your balcony space. Lining the edges of the flooring with white pebbles or around the plants or seating area gives your balcony an aesthetic look and feel.
Furniture Placement
You can also convert your ordinary looking, mundane balcony space into an oasis by incorporating comfortable furniture for seating. You can also do a DIY tip to upgrade your existing types of furniture by painting them in bright colours and put in some new cushions contrasting colours. You can give a new lease of life to your old furniture by giving them a vintage look. An indoor swing is also a fun and alternative option to formal seating. Make sure it safely secured though. One can also sort to wrought iron furniture to render a classic look and is ideal for all kinds of weather.
Lighting Settings
You can add a fairytale like charm to your evenings by adding pretty lights in your balcony. Lights possess an appeal that catches one's eye quickly. You need not worry if your balcony is enclosed or not , you only have to make sure it is properly lit. You can fix pretty good lights on the pots or on the railings or go for wall lights or garden lights. You can choose the type of lights that suits your taste and preferences. But since the colours you choose affect your mood, it would be wise to consult a few designers while doing so.
With so many interior design options to choose from, you can expect your creative juices to be in full throttle with chic and contemporary urban-style interior designs that our designers at RAk interiors can come up with.

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