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Space planning: A basic idea

What is space planning?
As the name suggests, it is just the intelligent planning of the available space after a detailed analysis. It
is the fundamental element in the interior design process.

The process:
. Detailed analysis of how to utilize the available space to the maximum
. The designer develops a plan which defines various zones of the space
. Activities that are supposed to happen in those zones are also considered.

Consider these points to prepare the layout of a room
. Structure and the balance of main focal points in the room (doors, windows, built-in structures, etc.)
. Available space, organize the interior, do not overcrowd
. Use prospect and refuge theory, with a shelter and view to outside
. Work out the best possible arrangement of furniture and other accessories with drawings and other
technical aids
. Ensure an easy and economic passage from the room to other lively areas
. Sub divide large spaces into activity zones
. Avoid muddle
. Use furniture proportionate to the size of the room
. Carefully plan the lighting, flooring, decoration, etc. with immense care

Do a thorough analysis of the space
. What is the purpose?
. Is it multi-functional?
. How many people are using the space?
. What should be the feel of the space, cozy/spacious/serene...?
. Is natural light available?
. What pattern of lighting is needed?
. How to take advantage of the focal points in the room?
. What should the structure, symmetrical, unexpected, ..?
. Have I missed out anything relevant?

Developing the space plan
Keeping in mind all the above-discussed concerns, we can develop a space plan. The first step is to
create a space plan and then follow to a detailed scale plan.

The Bubble Plan
Bubble plan is a rough plan indicating what activities take place in the space and the relationship
between these activities. Bubbles help you to define spaces like the kitchen, living area, and dining area
in a large space. Once we are clear with the activities bubbled, we can move forward to a detailed scale

Detailed scale plan
Scale the plan to a piece of paper and include very minute detail including the doors, windows,
furniture, shelves, etc. You can see a miniature of what you expect and easily understand the flaws
before implementation. A lot of online tools are also available for the same.

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