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5 Useful tips to design a luxury bedroom

The bedroom is probably the most personal space in a home where your personal choices and tastes
override the trends. Bedrooms are refreshing corners that liberated you from the tensions of a daily
routine and recharge yourselves for the next day. Customization works at its peak for bedrooms. Do you
love to have a luxury bedroom in your house or apartment? Let us discuss some ideas to consider while
designing a luxury bedroom.

Before designing think about all the good you have noticed around and the mode of positive energy you
want to invoke. Finalize a luxury interior bedroom design to add or remove decors to make it in perfect
alignment with the design.

1. The Bed
. Try out a bed with the header for a royal look
. Place it at the focal point of the room
. Give attention to the color scheme of the bed
. Pale color blend well with less space
. Dark color goes well with spacious ones

2. Symmetry
. Symmetrical design adds luxury to the bedroom
. Fengshui supports symmetrical bedrooms
. Bring symmetry by two bedside tables or designer bed lamps
. Two sets of pillows can also bring in a symmetry element to the bedroom

3. Bedroom textiles
. Bedspreads, cushion covers, curtains, etc. have to be simple and elegant ones.
. Exude luxury and comfort to your bedrooms with well-stuffed pillows and beds covered with linen
designer textiles.

. Combination of velvet and cotton can add an overwhelming look to your bedroom
. Try out window blinds and silk textile combo to feel the rich and modern appeal.

4. Lighting
. Lighting is a magical factor behind every interior design.
. Lower level ceilings with spotlights are one of the most preferred lighting styles.
. Add designer lamps to suitable corners
. Multilayered lighting style adds luxury to the bedroom
.Hanging decorative pieces of lights are yet another practical option

5. Interior designer
. Finalize your ideas
. Approach a well experienced interior designer
. He can help you to opt the best design as per your requirement and budget.

Considering all the above factors can help you design a luxury bedroom which suits your need, pocket,
and home.

March 13, 2019 posted by Admin

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